The long road to equality for women

March 7th, 2015

International Women’s Day is of paramount importance to all of us here in Sudan and for the world in general. If we look at our contribution and the importance of women in life, I think we deserve to celebrate them not just once a year, but every day, every hour, every second that we live.

In Practical Action today we are launching a new gender policy which will have four minimum standards that should be applied to all activities undertaken by Practical Action all over the world.

In Practical Action we believe that all women and men, girls and boys should have the means and freedoms to achieve their rights, including being able to choose and use technologies that assist them in leading the kind of life they value.

When we look at the current women’s status around the world and especially Sudan, we realise we have a very long road to walk to reach our destination.

  • The destination where all women are economically empowered and have the right to decide where to go and what to do freely.Women blue nile stoves sudan
  • The destination where husband(s) understand that marriage is a partnership and companionship not exploitation and manipulation.0
  • The destination when the parents do not automatically choose the son over the daughter to get an education, which is entirely unjustified, but it should be fair and based on comprehensible reasons of ability, skills, ambition, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • The destination where the family law and all other laws obtain equal rights for women and men.
  • The destination where the Female Genital Mutilation is in the rubbish bin of history and the sexual rights of women are granted.
  • The destination where the basic maternity health care is provided to ALL pregnant and lactating women.

We need to look at each vulnerable woman as a representation of all women, and all the time we have is just now, and this is the best way to reach the destination and to make our dream a reality.

I guess this is a very long journey we are on, even longer than the journey Nelson Mandela took to attain his vision. Indeed, I strongly believe we can reach it.

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