In Nepal every day is a no tech day

Imagine what it would be like to have ‘notech’ for two hours every day

That’s just part of the everyday life in Nepal. On No Tech Day I was working in Nepal, having spent a week there visiting Practical Action’s projects gathering information for future education resources. 

Every day whether you are in a small town or the capital Kathmandu you will have to adjust your life to accommodate two hours without any electricity.  The National Grid in Nepal just can’t keep up with demand so the solution has been a rota system.  Details are given out when the 2 hours will be (it differs week to week) and you just have to accept it!  Which for me meant two hours where I couldn’t recharge my camera or work on my laptop and at one stage it was too dark in the hotel room so I had to sit outside!

In the UK we consider it a huge convenience if the electricity in our street goes off even for a few hours, maybe because of road works, and we make quite a fuss about it.  So let’s spare a thought for those people who run business and homes in Nepal. And let’s all be more active in working towards finding a solution to the looming energy crisis so that we will never find ourselves having to live with a situation like that.

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  1. Maria Says:

    🙂 Actually the power cuts in Nepal are usually that way that we HAVE power for two days a day and the rest is totally ‘notech’. Just in March the situation got improved as there has been some rains and some said that this is also because of the climate change and because the Himalayas are melting (when spring sun starts to warm them up). Nice to have now some electricity after a long ‘notech’ winter but sorry for the reason behind that…

    Keep up the good work!

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