Water and sanitation to urban poor

February 25th, 2010

clean water provision in MukuruIn Nairobi, today we have finished a two-day learning and sharing workshop on a project concerned with providing water and sanitation to urban poor, which was implemented in a slum area called Mukuru.

This slum represents one of the poorest urban slums in Africa, with very little access to services. This project will benefit 75,000 slum dwellers through better quality water and improved sanitation.

There is a strong recognition among water utilities in Nairobi that urban low-income people are an important and large group to provide with services. Urban poor have many abilities to organize themselves, provide labour and negotiate well with the external actors. They are willing to pay for the use of toilet facilities – Ksh 3 per visit and it is free for children. There is also constant attention on hygiene, especially washing hands after using the toilets. Now, the future challenge is to improve the local environment, with better drainage of wastewater and collection of solid waste.

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