Solar powered water pump installed in Kenya

Over the weekend Practical Action installed a solar powered water pump in Northern Kenya (Click here for more pictures). The benefits for the community will be huge, especially for Meshack.

Meshack can now access clean water

Meshack can now access clean water

Meshack is 12 and he wants to be a teacher. However, his chances of doing so had been severely disrupted because he couldn’t get hold of clean water. Listen to a heartfelt account of a boy who has suffered greatly because of a lack of clean water:

Find out how solar water pumps can help people like Meshack.

9 responses to “Solar powered water pump installed in Kenya”

  1. Francis Oeser Says:

    In London We’ve been discussing dealing in the city with climate change. A water tachnitian told us of a simple solution to stroring and using water falling on London: make soakage areas and ‘water gardens’ so rain water soaks down to a natural level from where we can pump it up (like Lorengippi). This is a strikingly simple and cheap solution. London doesNOT require sophisticated pipes and dams.
    Maybe there are SIMPLE (PA) solutions to a host of problems.
    There’s a lot to learn, as Mashak knows! It is not simply that “small is beautiful” but that nature tells us how it’s been done for millions of years, and without science or engineers or government gold!
    The other lesson of Mashak’s story is Mans’ inability to share, his preoccupation with ownership and power – NOT sensible on a planet with scarce recourses. Well done PA!!

  2. Sara-Jane Brown Says:

    What a great story. I really hope Meshack will become a teacher.

  3. Josphat mulei Says:

    Great idea i think this is a noble course especially to arid and semi can also partner with the locals for greater results.wish you well.

  4. Berntom Says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for highlighting this water problem. I have lived in Lodwar for 2 years and I know had it is to get water. Just
    want to enquire the rough cost of putting up one of these system i.e. from boring the well to putting up the solar panels.
    DO you provide these services to other parts of Kenya e.g. Western, Nyanza?

  5. Tormac Says:

    Amazing story.. Really inspiring.. Initiatives like this have to be globally..
    Wishing Meshack to achieve his dream..

  6. John Sinha Says:

    solar power is always great thought for water pump

  7. Philip Siminyu Says:

    Hello Practical Action,
    Am interested in knowing the number of sites and their locations you have installed the solar powered water pumps in Kenya to date. Its of great importance that the poor and the marginalized get access to clean drinking water.
    Kind regards
    Philip Siminyu

  8. Josephine kizidio Says:

    I would like to know where I can get these solar water pumps. I now digging hand dug well in a semi arid place in Coast kenya. Please help I need to use these pumps as my community are suffering without water

  9. Omila Dai Says:

    Very informative post of a solar water pump, thanks for sharing.

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