Manchester United vs Aston Villa in Kibera slum

February 28th, 2010

Kibera Slum, Nairobi, 18:30 hours (approx), 28th February, 2009

There was a huge noise in this slum congested area, as Manchester United scored an equaliser. I never heard such a noise in Rugby or Leicester, UK, where I work and live. Perhaps Kibera slum has more supporters of Manchester United per unit area compared to any other place in the world.

We are sitting on the first floor of a communal toilet block and watching a television, which is running by a set of car batteries. Twenty youths are watching this match, and each paid Ksh 20 to watch this. This money will go the sanitation fund. Many other people are watching at different places in the slums. This sanitation block has six latrines, a point to sell water and a small office for the daily savings. Under the toilets, there is a bio-digester which produces gas. Each toilet user pays Ksh 2 per visit, Ksh 5 for a hot shower and Ksh 2 for a 20 litres can of water. I am visiting this project with Umande trust, a local NGO, run by one of the ex-staff of Practical Action. Is this scaling-up or may be a better quality scaling-up of what we are trying to promote.

Practical Action always promoted sanitation, not just as ‘toilets for only health benefits’. We have always seen sanitation bringing economic and social benefits – supported by technologies and innovative methods. It is really good to see that happening on the principles and values we have promoted and demonstrated.


Mansoor Ali
Still in Nairobi

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