Livestock health key to drought survival

August 14th, 2011

Great news – one of our projects to help poor people cope with the drought in East Africa is in the national newspapers!

UK national newspaper journalists came out to Mandera, northern Kenya, to see an emergency drought response programme that we’re running.

See my previous blog here:

It’s a livestock feeding and vaccination programme we’re managing with funding from the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA).

They gave expansive coverage of the plight of the poor livestock owners and the impact of drought on livestock in the region.

Their articles were published today. Here is the coverage:

from the Telegraph

from the Sunday Mirror

from the Daily Star


2 responses to “Livestock health key to drought survival”

  1. Emmanuel Ndulet Says:

    Gemma, i agree with you the project you are undertaking is worthy and relly focus to harmonize the plight of pastoralist community which livestock are central part of their livelihood.i would like to understand how the project is implemented?

  2. Gemma Hume Says:

    Hi Emmanuel

    There are several emergency measures involved in this programme, including deworming, vaccination and livestock feeding to minimize livestock losses.

    To do this we adopt a participatory approach, working with strategic pastoralists institutions, the Government veterinary office, water user associations, Government livestock production offices, representatives of livestock owner/producer groups, local leaders and religious groups to implement the programme and identify, assess and strengthen existing mechanisms for drought management within the county. The most effective of these strategies are then used to heighten awareness of drought, vulnerability, preparedness and adaptation among members of the community.

    I hope this answers your question?

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