It is raining in Nairobi. Are we all enjoying?

February 27th, 2010

The time now is 21:00 hours, Saturday 27th of February, 2010. It has been raining for almost three hours. Rains in Nairobi are always awaited and welcomed, as it improves the water sources, wash the roads and polish the green and tall trees. A number of people, including me, are watching this beautiful rain from shades. Rain dropping on the hotel swimming pool and its lovely lights presents a lovely view.

However, for some reasons my mind is restricting me to enjoy this, it is taking me to those places where rain is an emergency and almost a mini disaster. This is almost half of the population of Nairobi, who live in slum areas. A total of 2.4 million people live in high-density slums, very close to each other, in areas where houses are made-up of temporary materials, tin roofs have holes in them, alleys are not more than 1m wide and electricity disappears after few drops of rain. A number of these areas are besides rivers and ponds, which overflow quickly, causing damage to houses and sometimes loss of lives. I am just wondering if everybody in Nairobi is enjoying the rain?

Is it good to feel this rain in different ways?

Mansoor Ali
In Nairobi

Fact: Currently more than 150 million in Africa live in slum areas in very poor conditions, without drainage, no clean water, poor sanitation, no electricity and no waste collection. Thousands of young professionals, such as architects, engineers and planners around the world are thinking, researching, writing and doing something to address this challenge. Practical Action, is always keen to listen from you what you feel and what you intend to do.

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