Clean water and toilets for Nakuru school

July 20th, 2016

Jack Owino is the Headteacher of a school in Nakuru, Kenya. He has worked there since 2012 and has worked with Practical Action and the Umande Trust to improve access to clean water, toilets and hygiene training for his 765 students.

The students come from the nearby slums and Jack explains their home life as ‘difficult’. Most have little or no access to clean water and decent sanitation at home so it is important to Jack and his staff that the children do not have to worry about going to the toilet and can drink clean, safe water when they’re at school.

Jack knows that having no access to water and sanitation at school affects attendance and he was determined to change this.

Jack Owino Nukuru

“In 2012, it was bad. We had one block of boys toilets and one block for girls. They were in a bad state. We now have two blocks each. Before, children had to run back home to go to the toilet, in the bush. They would run home and never come back. 

“Bad sanitation at home meant that children were sick a lot. We now monitor their cleanliness. Water at home is contaminated but they are safe here. They are encouraged to go back to their communities and pass on their knowledge. They are agents of change.” 

Water and sanitation is absolutely vital to keeping children in school and it has been amazing to see the change in the students at Jack’s school, they are happier, healthier and many are now going on to further education.

8 responses to “Clean water and toilets for Nakuru school”

  1. Mary Says:

    Good work Practical Action. Having grown up near Nakuru, it is so good to see money carefully and efficiently spent, with a self sustainable future for the project. In addition, targeting the children will help pass on good practices in the future, as well as the present.

  2. Stuart Wallace Says:

    Good work and well done. Please though amend your report to say Nakuru not Nukuru.

  3. Imran Says:

    Hi, I believe you mean ‘Nakuru’ in Kenya, right?

  4. Violet Ruria Says:

    Well done for supporting school children to access good sanitation in schools. I do hope this has included menstrual rooms for the girls which is critical.

  5. Elizabeth Dunn Says:

    Thank you for spotting that! Yes I did mean Nakuru.

  6. Elizabeth Dunn Says:

    Thank you for spotting the error Stuart!

  7. Elizabeth Dunn Says:

    Hi Violet,

    It certainly does! Before the facilities, most girls would often miss school but now they don’t have to. Jack also worked with another organisation to provide the girls with sanitary products which is brilliant!



  8. Godwin Akakpo-Ashiadey Says:

    It feels good to see people who truly have the welfare of others at heart and are ready to bring lasting impact to bear on their lives. As a teacher working in a very deprived community, I can imagine the joy and gratitude the children would have in their hearts. That joy will be with them forever.
    Great work by Jack and Practical action.

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