Supporting Food teachers with NEW resources…

When the specifications for the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition courses were released last year, we were delighted by the inclusion of opportunities for students to learn about issues that very much reflect the broader debates around food in the world today. They include issues around sustainability, the environment and the pros and cons of different food production systems.

Although the different examination boards have approached the subject knowledge and understanding of these topics in slightly different ways, at the core of all of the specifications are requirements for students to demonstrate their understanding of:

Food Choice – including factors that influence why people eat the food they do, including economic, social, moral and cultural factors

Food Provenance – including where food originates from and the impact of its journey throughout its whole lifecycle on local and global communities

Sustainability of Food – including the challenges of how best we achieve food security (access to adequate nutritious and affordable food) in a way that is sustainable now and for future generations.

At Practical Action we’ve enjoyed drawing on our experience of working to improve people’s access to food security globally to 
develop a set of three FREE resources to support teachers and students with these topics.

Each set of materials contains a Power Point presentation, student worksheets and links to video clips and other resources to support these units.

We hope you enjoy using them…please feel free to share them with other teachers and trainers.



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  1. Per Selin Says:

    Interesting Bren
    We might use them for our Home Economics classes. I will ask our teachers to have a look.

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