Our Practical Action schools survey said…

November 9th, 2016

A few months ago we asked teachers and educators to take part in an online survey.  We particularly wanted to find out about how they used our schools materials but also a bit about how they found out about us in the first place and if they liked our materials how they promoted them to others.   We did a similar survey in 2012 so were also interested in any changes that had occurred. 383 people took part.

Infographic Schools survey 2016 Practical Action

Infographic showing results of Practical Action’s schools survey 2016

Some  of the more interesting bits from our point of view are summarised in the infographic.

What we are most proud of…once they know we exist over half of teachers visit our website every 2-3 months, and 93% recommend our resources to others

What surprised us the most…since 2012 there has not been an increase in the number of teachers and educators who use social media as a tool to gather and share information?

What has made us think…Over 45% said they found out about us at local events such as Teachmeets where teachers meet to share ideas and good practice. We do a lot of promotion ourselves (social media, newsletters, articles etc.) but clearly teachers and educators are very successful advocates for us.

What we changed as a result…We estimate the number of pupils we reach, and the targets we set ourselves based on an extrapolation of downloads. This survey enabled us to do that more accurately and we have adjusted our calculations accordingly.

What was an unexpected outcome of doing the survey?…10% of people who took part in the survey hadn’t heard of us before they did, so just running the survey enabled us to reach more lovely teachers!

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  1. Yan Liu Says:

    Dear Julie,

    We are a solar company working in developing countries addressing energy poverty issue with governments and schools. We also run an education program called Power The Future on solar energy and generate lights for children off the grid. I am the co-founder. We would like to use and spread your materials in our work if you do not mind.
    I have also tried to connect you on Linkedin. Hope you can accept my invitation.

    Best regards,
    Yan Liu

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