National Curriculum Review – We have our say

Practical Action Education has put together a response to the National Curriculum Review.  We believe this is a really important opportunity for us to have an input into what the curriculum of our future generation will look like.

Our overriding wish for the outcome of the review is that through all subjects and at all stages the curriculum should be framed as if all people including those in the developing world matter.

The review asked specifically for us to comment in what concepts and principles (rather than specific knowledge) should be in the science, maths, and English and PE curriculum.  We commented on the science curriculum in particular and put forward a strong argument for sustainability to be an integral part of science teaching. Sustainability provides opportunities to help students gain insight into the link between their actions and the lives of others in the South.  It is also something both parents and students have identified as important.

To find out more please read  our response to the National Curriculum

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