Act now to have your say in the new national curriculum

Teachers, parents, school governors and organisations such as ours now have the opportunity to be part of the review of the new national curriculum. If you fit into one of these categories then you could make a difference to the future education of the next generation. 

 The current Government thinking is that there should be a major shift to a more knowledge based curriculum.  Over the last few months you may have heard about how the Government feels it is really important that children learn the capitals of countries and know who Churchill was.  Most people who are involved in education (by that I mean teachers not Government ministers) would agree that knowledge is of course important but needs to be taught within the context of a skills based curriculum.  We want students to develop the skills that will enable them learn, to be able to problem solve and to think creatively in all subjects. 

 Another change if the proposals go ahead as they are is that the number of subjects in the curriculum will be thinned down.  One of the casualties is likely to be citizenship.  This is currently a mandatory subject and one in which students learn about how they fit into the bigger picture as a global citizen.  Students discuss the very issues that Practical Action care about such as how best to help people get out of poverty and what action they themselves can take to make a fairer world for all.  Removing this from the curriculum will severely reduce our ability to get our messages across and to have a positive impact on the next generation.

If you want to make a difference to the lives of the next generation of students now is your chance.  Please go to the Department of Education’s website and put your views forward.  Consultation ends April 14th.

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