Imagine you are a 14 year old boy or girl…..

…..and think about how closely you agree with the statement ‘I should only eat food grown in my country ’ was something the President of the West African Farmers Federation ( ROPPA) was asked to do at the kick off meeting for a new EC project on African Agriculture called EuropeAfrica2.

Along with about 20 other attendees he took part in an activity called a belief circle. Designed by Practical Action Education it will be one of a number of educational activities to raise awareness of  how food choices we make in Europe affect  farmers in Africa.  It’s a three year project and Practical Action will be working with partners from Belgium (VECO) and Italy (Terra Nova) to produce material for schools which can be adapted to fit the needs of a number of European countries.

A belief circle can be used to stimulate discussion on a number of issues related to international development including sustainability in engineering.  Looking at the enthusiastic response of the president of ROPPA it certainly stimulates engagement!

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