Celebrating World Food Sovereignty Day

2011 Blog Action Day on 16 October – World Food Day – is, naturally, themed around food

Dateline: Thika, Kenya

As the cicadas chirp, the frogs croak and the October full moon bathes
the flame trees of Thika, I’m celebrating the successes of our ally
PELUM Kenya on a balmy evening with friends from 3 continents who have
gathered to defend agricultural biodiversity and food sovereignty. We have
been finding ways of strengthening the knowledge systems of small-scale
food producers, mostly women, who provide most of the food for Africans
and, indeed, as they do for many in the rest of the world, including Europe.

Recently, at the Nyeleni Europe 2011 forum for food sovereignty we committed to
rename 16 October as World Food Sovereignty Day. There are many related
events in the UK over Sept and Oct that are celebrating the realisation of food
sovereignty worldwide. It started with the UK Food Group conference, on 27
Sept “The Food Producers” with speakers from African, UK and International
farmers’ movements.

On 18 Oct the APPG agroecology and War on Want are urging people to
join the food sovereignty revolution.

It encourages us, as we were urged at the Small is… festival last month in our lively Sunday morning session on ‘food’, to: Be inspired; Be energised; Challenge, resist, and dismantle those who destroy local food production; Champion the knowledge and skills, the technologies of the small-scale food providers who feed the world; Defend their position internationally, including in the discussions about land grabbing, agricultural investment, food speculation, nutrition, governance and more, which are being discussed this coming week in Rome at the UN’s Committee on world Food Security (CFS) at which I will be representing the organisation.

We do this in our policy work on food and agriculture and our
public awareness projects such as EuropAfrica: towards food sovereignty.

Join us in alliances that support the  social movements of these small-scale
food providers who will our secure future food.

Celebrate 16 October by calling for Food Sovereignty now!


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