The result?

June 8th, 2007

Climate change was programmed for Thursday afternoon. So in the morning I went to a couple of alternative summit workshops. One, on food security by Bread for the World, ran clearly through the arguments Practical Action is familiar with, but it is always useful to find other European NGOs thinking similarly.I then went to the closing plenary, which covered all manner of issues around globalisation. It was Vandana Shiva, the well-known Indian scientist-activist who addressed climate change, and the key issue of conserving agricultural biodiversity and in particular saying no to GM, who for me was the most inspiring – she is a strong ally of Practical Action’s work, and a friend of my colleague Patrick Mulvany.


Well, as far as climate change is concerned, the G8 has dealt with it. Angela Merkel issued a statement at 8pm.

It’s amazing how one’s expectations can just get lowered and lowered until you find yourself actually being pleased at an outcome that really is the absolute minimum. When you read the draft G8 declaration, which was firm about taking measures to keep within 2 degrees, and really strong cuts from developed countries (between 80-90% by 2050) and then compare with the agreed text….

Still, what we have is the ‘bottom line’:

  • That negotiations for strong cuts and a post 2012 framwork will begin in Bali
  • They must end in 2009

While there may be initiatives to discuss climate change, such as Bush’s with the biggest 15 emitters, all outcomes and all future negotiations will be under the UN climate framework.

By 2050, there must be cuts of 50% globally in emissions (but no baseline was given, and no milestones along the way).

Bush has not won, Merkel has managed to bring him into the camp, and we must be pleased about that.

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