November 17th, 2006

I can’t go to Turkana anymore – the flight I was on has been cancelled because of bad weather. (There is some irony there somewhere??) I was really disappointed when I found out – I was so looking forward to it.

My disappointment soon passed by though. Since I didn’t have to leave the UN and get to the airport, I was able to stay and watch Sharon’s speech to the main conference. She was, frankly, incredible. Her words are posted here – she can tell you like it is much better than I could hope to.

Sharon addresses the conference Sharon is mobbed by the media!

She was, frankly, incredible. She could hardly complete the main speech because she was being applauded and cheered for so many of her points. At the end she got a standing ovation – with cheering – for over a minute. It stood in complete contrast to the other drier speeches that were delivered through the morning. It was amazing to see in the UN setting.

After her main speech, she did at least 15 media interviews – both TV, radio and print, including BBC TV news, BBC Radio/Online, Reuters, Associated Press, Independent, UN Radio and a whole host of Kenyan media. We can hardly walk her around the campus, because so many people are stopping her to congratulate her. It is the main talking point across the site.

Now we have to hope that the leaders that have heard her take the window they have available to them today to act robustly …

Delegates before Sharon's speech ...

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