Busy, busy, busy

November 17th, 2006

It’s all go and we’re doing all we can to push for action. Late last night I found out that my Kenyan colleague Sharon will today have the opportunity to address the formal conference. It’s an incredible, unusual opportunity – all the leaders and politicians will hear directly from someone who is part of and works directly with communities that face the brunt of climate change. She’s also part of a major press conference on the same theme. Sharon is (understandably) a bit nervous, but I know she’s going to be amazing.

I’ve also found out that later today I have the chance to travel to Northern Kenya to a region called Turkana for a few days to meet and talk to pastoralist communities that have faced ongoing drought. It’s going to be amazing – after all the talking and negotiating – actually getting out to see the reality for myself.

Would love to write more but have to help Sharon prepare. I may be offline for a few days now – where I’m going there is no internet access!!

I’ll post more as soon as I can… thanks for reading

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