Bridging the gap between Bangladesh and Britain

November 22nd, 2012

I’ve been kept pretty busy during my visit to Belgium and the UK attending a series of events on climate change adaptation.   I’ve been to many different places and met a wide range of people.  The journey started in Brussels.

1.  The European Commission

I met with  Dr. Costa Papastavros, Senior Environment Officer for Cyprus, current holders of the presidency of the Council of the European Union.  This meeting was facilitated by CAN Europe in Belgium and focused on future funding  for climate change adaptation work. Like Bangladesh Cyprus is keen to see adaptation go up the UNs agenda as it is increasingly suffering from drought and water shortages due to climate change.  Dr Papastavros was  keen to hear about the reality of the situation on the ground and about technologies for adaptation tried and tested by Practical Action in Bangladesh.  He promised to help us to push this up the agenda at Doha.

 2.  The European Parliament

Floating gardens help people grow food during periods of flooding

I spoke at an event in the European Parliament entitled ‘What can we realistically expect out of the climate change talks in Doha’? It was hosted by theUK MEP Linda MacAvan, the spokesperson on climate change for the Socialist and Democrat Group. Also in attendance was EU Director of Climate Strategy, Artur Runge-Metzger. Arthur initiated a discussion about the climate talks  and I followed up with a presentation on how extreme poor communities in NW Bangladesh are adapting to climate change through Practical Action’s Pathways From Poverty Project.



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  1. Oliver Dickinson Says:

    Found pictures of the pumpkins here, not quite where the letter just received said, but no matter. Delighted to learn that the programme has had such success, and I hope expanding it to other crops works just as well.

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