Organic Farming in Nigeria

January 11th, 2013

Practical Answers was recently asked by the Ralphseedway Foundation about organic manure production and the tested evidence for its use in agriculture for farming communities in Nigeria.

Practical Action has successfully used various types or organic composting in various locations, and this is especially useful to farmers who can’t afford more commercial forms of fertilizer, but we would like to get some for scientific evidence as well as the anecdotal feedback that comes through project work.

Does anyone have clear scientific evidence that will help farmers in Nigeria?

4 responses to “Organic Farming in Nigeria”

  1. adebiyi Says:

    I am a Nigerian and also a doctoral student with a special focus on organic agriculture in Nigeria.

    Organic manure will work in the country, however, farmers need to be educated about it. There are issues of perception about the odour of organic fertilizer and the capability of organic manure to enhance soil fertility.

    Let me if you need further information.

  2. bulus adamu danbaba Says:

    an a nigerian and phd with a special focus on arganic agriculture in northern nigeria.please sent me relevant literature on the issue

  3. Olatoye Adebayo Says:

    Please what we just need is to lease with those who did organic agriculture for more production and how to apply it. Thanks.

  4. olufemi adebambo Says:

    Olufemi is a director with a new NGO with a major focus on organic agriculture, climate change, biodiversity and health… we are about to start series of research, trainings and production of organic foods in Nigeria. It is part of our aim to disseminate information and share our finding on organic agricultural practices. We will definitely share such on ‘this platform as well. Watch out!!!

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