Toilets and Zeer pots at the Small Is festival

I was definitely the newbie at the Small Is  Festival last year.  I had started working for  Practical Action just four days before the big event and had no idea what to expect.  It turned out to be a great insight as to what my life as a member of staff here would be like.  A really good balance of hard work, fun and a realisation of how passionate the people who work here are about their work . …..and then there’s the toilets!

The festival’s  ‘facilities’ included some toilets which were the same as those built as part of  Practical Action’s  projects around the world.  I couldn’t bring myself to use one at the time.  However, having spent some time in Nepal earlier this year I now appreciate how much effective toilets can make a real contribution to improving the lives of families living in developing countries. So maybe this year I’ll give them a go!

Of course this year I will be more actively involved and am really looking forward to it.  As the education manager I will also be manning (now why can’t you say womaning?!) a stand with a potters wheel for any children or adults who wants to have a go. You could try making a pot similar to those used to make zeer pots in Sudan, which are simple fridges made out of clay and sand.  We will even let you decorate your pot and take it home as a memento of the festival  🙂

Of course if you want to find out more about our education work in the UK please do come and have a chat with us and/or have a look at our resources

To find out more about the festival and buy tickets to come along go to the Small Is website

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