Third European Report on Development (2011-12)

May 24th, 2012

This report is released recently and considered to have a major say in the development policy. This is available at;

While, I am still reading it, but out of excitement, can’t stop myself writing this blog. Part of my excitement, is to see a number of priorities in the report which Practical Action has been asking for, piloting in our countries of work and building capacity of our partners.

First of all, the report is asking for an integrated thinking on water, land and energy, so called – The WEL Nexus. This is at the heart of what we do, as one action in a place may have a positive or negative impact at another place, group or another time. All is interlinked.

Second is putting forward an agenda for change, an agenda of inclusive growth. The growth which could increase livelihoods of the poor and most importantly making the private sector business model more inclusive.

Then finally, what I really liked about the report is what it is saying on the combination of public and private sector actions. Not just leaving this to the markets to sort out. My reading and reflection continue and will update you in my next blog.

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