The dream of all

January 28th, 2015

Since we are working closely with poor people, we try to put ourselves into their mindset. In the early morning when I wake up my main concerns are food, the kids’ breakfast and pocket money to go to school.  Similarly I always worry  not only about the pressing need of daily consumption, but also the needs of my neighbours. This has pushed me strongly to think positively towards our needy and most vulnerable people.457

Our community based organisation, the Kassala Women Development Network (KWDAN) and Elgnadoul Network  approached women households groups with the highest levels of need to help them to create a new dawn in their lives.

The team was astonished by their preparedness and their strategy to cope with off farm livelihood options. We did not apply our academic and development methods, we simply we stood alongside them and started to listen and learn from them. Their system of managing credit funds depends on trust among the whole group.

Barack-Obama-QuoteProudly they said:

“Our challenge is to sustain life by providing livelihoods options such as poultry and  goats. Now through the generous support of Practical Action we no longer depend on small, seasonal gifts from our relatives. Milking goats and selling eggs has enabled us to be self-supporting women.  Our kids are proud of us. This is the best thing that has happened to us,  it is just like Obama’s slogan about the change we need.”


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