Systems Reset…

September 12th, 2012

a new on line education resource has just been launched by the the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

It offers a set of inspirational resources for Design and Technology teachers.

The  material includes a guide for teachers and lots of student activities to increase their knowledge and understanding of a circular economy – a vision for developing new technology and systems by ensuring that at each stage of a product life-cycle materials are recovered to use again.

Practical Action’s education team wrote Activity 6 – Rethinking textile products.

It explores potential systems for eliminating waste from the product life-cycle. Students also develop an awareness of personal values and how these impact on the decisions they make. Following an analysis of their own personal wardrobe, they then go on to develop design proposals for a range of modular and/or multi-functional products aimed at a teenage market.

We found that students from Southam College loved the pilot material…

The project has made me realise how much effort and time is put into making textile products and how much resource is needed. Doing this project has made me think about how I can save resources and my future decisions will definitely be impacted by knowing this’.

 Links to Systems Reset and Practical Action’s Textiles resources


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