Shower power …

March 30th, 2010

When we arrived in Tingabamba in the high Andes, the sun was shining, the sky bright blue. On our journey back, just 5 hours later, the mountainside and dirt track were covered in snow.

The climate is unpredictable here, but, more often than not, it’s cold. Cold and dry in the Winter and Cold and Wet in the Summer.

Temperatures regularly reach between -10c and -20c.

It’s no wonder then, that families here don’t bathe often. In fact, it’s usual only to have 3 showers per year. Sounds shocking but, faced with the ultimate ‘cold shower’ I know I would do the same.

It’s all change now though. Thanks to solar-powered showers introduced in schools by Practical Action, local children are now having hot showers – 3 times per week!

After 2 weeks of travelling, I was almost tempted to join them!

Helen Marsh

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