It’s all about access

I’ve just returned from a visit to Practical Action’s work in Nepal. I had great plans to tweet and blog my way across the country, but I never managed to get consistent access to the internet.

Access is a big theme in Nepal. But for the people of Nepal, it’s access to markets, information, energy and basic services which is the issue, and also the theme for much of our work.

Read on over the next few days for more on this theme … for starters, here’s a video on how we’re helping people access markets.

Read more about gravity ropeways in Nepal …

2 responses to “It’s all about access”

  1. Mani Kumar Ranjit Says:

    I like the work done in the rural area. In fact, Nepal & Nepalese requires the utilization of the own resources.

  2. Dechasa Says:

    it is an interesting technology to help the poor. Please consider coming to Ethiopia to help us do the same project where there is similar problem too.

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