Nepal earthquake: “another agonising night”

The day was 25 April 2015. It was the second day of Association for International NGOs Futsal (modified form of 5-a-side football) Tournament. Practical Action was through to the second round unbeaten and was playing for the knockout round against Handicap International. The game was getting really competitive.

The futsal court in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we were when the earthquake struck.

The futsal court in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we were when the earthquake struck.

All of a sudden, I heard some noise and shouting. To be precise, it was 11:56am. I turned around to see what was going on but I just could not quite figure it out. Then I heard someone say “Earthquake”. That’s when I felt the tremor. For a second I didn’t know what to do, I just followed the crowd. The earth was shaking like anything. All I could hear was people shouting, screaming and crying. The only thing that came in my mind was “save your life”. I know there is a bit of selfishness in me (and everyone), but what else was I supposed to do than save my life first. I saw people running toward an open area just next to the futsal court, so I followed the bandwagon.

It was the most scariest shake I have ever felt; it went on for quite a while. After some time when the shake subsided, I could see the fear and panic in everyone’s eyes. Almost everyone were on their cell phones trying to reach their family members. I was in one corner along with some of my friends from other organisations scanning the whole scenario: chairs scattered everywhere, walls crumbled to pieces,  people shouting – it was an utter chaos. Then a second one came, then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth……and after some time we just lost track. As of now, we have felt more that 40 shakes and still we are not sure if it is over or there is still more to come.

This is the open space in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I am taking refuge with hundreds of my neighbours. following the earthquake.

This is the open space in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I am taking refuge with hundreds of my neighbours following the earthquake.

Today is the third night and still I am taking refuge in a nearby open space with hundreds of my neighbours. On the flip side, I am so amazed and grateful how one single disaster can bring everyone together. The people I share the shelter with are the ones I see quite often but don’t even bother to say “Hi” or “Hello” but now everything has changed. It has brought all of us together like a family; we share, food, water, tent, anything we could to help each other.

We just felt another shock!

While I write this blog, I pray for us as we go through yet another agonising night. #NepalQuake #Pray4Nepal

Practical Action has launched an earthquake appeal. Please help our work in Nepal today and donate now.

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  1. Lesley McIntosh Says:

    Dear Prabin

    I thank God that you and the wider team are safe. I know that the PA team in Nepal are strong and resourceful and will do much to help those in greater need. We will do all we can to support you from UK.

    Take care


  2. Vanessa Mitchell Says:

    Dear Prabin, I am so glad you are safe, up to now,, and I hope you will continue to be so. I am also glad to hear about the solidarity between people which this disaster has created. I heard from the CEO of Christian Aid last Sunday that so far an amount of £30 million had been raised by the Disasters Emergency Committee, and of course there must be more raised by many other organisations. I have been bombarded with emails and texts, and the same must be true for everyone. The problem is getting the help and support to where it is needed, and I feel sorry for those who are in isolated communities, which must be hard to reach with all the landslides and other disruption. I am sure that Practical Action will do good work in rebuilding houses which can resist earthquakes. I send best wishes, Vanessa Mitchell

  3. Prabin Gurung Says:

    Dear Lesley and Vanessa, thank you for your concern and support, really appreciate.

    Practical Action is conducting relief activities in six Village Development Committees (VDCs), three each in Gorkha and Dhading districts. In the first phase, the relief activities are particularly focused on temporary shelter, water and sanitation including toilets, nutritional diets, energy for lighting and mobile phone charging. In the second phase, after 3 to 6 months, the initiatives will be focused on rehabilitation and restoration of livelihoods with building back better activities.

    I am sure we will rise and overcome this disaster.


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