Last night in Cancun!

December 11th, 2010

This has been an unreal day. We arrived by 8.30 this morning for a plenary session to review the progress during the night towards a last-minute agreement on tackling climate change; the plenary session didn’t happen then, and is now scheduled for 8 PM! after a short meeting with some of the UK government delegation, who felt that ‘luck and skill (on the part of the Mexicans)’ in diplomacy would be needed to get an outcome here. Then – what to do, except get out of the soulless conference centre, and go, for the first time, to the pool and beach beyond the conference centre hotel. It was swarming with delegates, people in suits with their shoes off, trying to get a little sleep, and a few people paddling in the calm sea. A bit of a break before what promises to be a long night of meetings. At 5pm a proposed text of an agreement was released, and delegates reconvened to discuss it. Those of us from NGOs following adaptation are surprised and pleased with the new text: it doesn’t have everything we hoped for, of course, but more than we expected. If it goes through, there is much that we can work with in the months and years to come. But it’s a big IF. Let’s hope by morning we will still be smiling!

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