If it is nanotechnology it must be expensive…right?

June 2nd, 2009

Not always!   Vicky Colvin (who I met over 3 years ago) and colleagues at Rice University have been working on what I often refer to as a “nano recipe for the poor”.   The recipe uses “nanorust” to remove arsenic from water and according to press reports it is cheap.  The “arsenic-removing technology is based on the unique properties of particles called “nanorust,” tiny bits of iron oxide that are smaller than living cells”.   The “nanorust” binds with arsenic.

Earlier this week Rice University announced that it will do practical tests of this technology in Mexico later this year.   A further benefit of this technology might be that it can filter out water borne viruses in addition to arsenic removal.   Let us monitor the tests and watch with interest as the results come in.

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