I enjoyed No Tech Day

I really enjoyed my no-tech – low electricity day! I guess I found it easy because I don’t have too many electronic gadgets to do without, and I never watch TV. I warned my family that I wouldn’t be accessible by phone on Saturday. To make my life a bit more challenging, I thought I would try to manage without electricity as well. So when I went to boil the water for tea, I used the gas cooker. (Cheating, really, because it has an electronic ignition.) But after I boiled two saucepans dry, because I got sidetracked, I realised I was rapidly exceeding my carbon footprint, and went back to the electric kettle.

Apart from that, I made one landline call – to resolve something I didn’t want to wait till Monday for. And I did use the washing machine – which I guess I could have waited one day to day.

So I spent a pleasant day in the garden, socialising with my neighbours (we live in an apartment of a shared house with 5 other families, so no need to travel to see people), with just a spade and fork for technology.

I had intended to do without electric lights, since it was WWF’s Earth Hour from 8.30-9.30. But I forgot to cook supper early enough, and had to have lights on in the kitchen. I ate my meal by candlelight, then read a book until the end of Earth Hour at 9.30. 

What did I miss most? Listening to music in the evening, and calling up friends.

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