Helpless in the face of disaster

April 27th, 2015

For the first time in my life, I realized how helpless we are when there’s a natural disaster, especially an earthquake. In Nepal, hundreds of people have already been killed.  We don’t know how high the number will go.

I really feel very sorry for my Nepali friends; I simply can’t stand seeing the dead bodies lined up on the TV, so pathetic. Many buildings/temples have been crushed to dust, many of them are UNESCO heritage sites. This is also an irreparable loss of assets.

It was my son who shouted “it’s an earthquake.” Firstly, I thought he was making a practical joke as he often does, but soon all the family realized that it really was an earthquake. Living on the 8th floor of a building we had nothing to do but wait. However, at one point, when we found it is still shaking; we got out of the flat and trying to go down to the ground floor through stairways as someone was shouting not to use the lift. At one point, I found that I am somewhere in the middle of the stairways holding my mother-in-law’s hand. I was helping her to get down to the ground-floor, but as she is about 75 years of old and sick to move any more, she resigned to move further. In the meantime, the quake had stopped, and we all got back to home. In Bangladesh we do not have any big damage.

Visiting Nepal in happier times

Visiting Nepal in happier times

It is really tough to describe how I was feeling then. From then, I just have been trying to feel the fear and trauma that Nepalese have been coming across. So helpless we are, so small in front of such disaster. But, according to the TV reports, the Nepali government along with many agency and ordinary people started rescuing stranded people and supporting victims. India has already sent help, Pakistan announced help also and maybe Bangladesh will join with them.

The good news for us, at least is that no harm has been happened to our colleagues and friends in Nepal.

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