Gadget Show Live winners!

April 16th, 2011

Last week we gave you the chance to win tickets to the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham.

To win a pair of tickets and see the latest and greatest gadgets around, we asked you to tell us “What is your favourite Practical Action technology and why?”

We had some fantastic answers, including lots of love for the floating gardens in Bangladesh:

“My favourite Practical Action technology has to be the floating gardens in Bangladesh. It’s simple and yet revolutionary for a group of people who are only able to choose between moving away for work or starving until the monsoon floods recede from their land. This technology not only uses locally sourced and totally eco-friendly materials, but it takes very little investment for a guaranteed source of food and possibly income. What was once an unavoidable vulnerability for these communities, and has the potential to only increase with climate change, has been greatly mitigated against by this brilliant little idea!”

“My favourite Practical Action technology is the floating gardens. I think that this is a fantastic solution – something which seems so easy when you think about it but it’s clear that without Practical Action this wouldn’t be in place, providing a key solution to counties such as Bangladesh in the monsoon season.”

Well done to Susan Corless and Jessica Mordue who won our competition!

If you’ve already got tickets for Sunday then come and see us at stand F32 in Hall 12. Join the Practical Action Geek Club and see some other examples of ‘gadgets’ we use to transform the lives of poor people across the world.

We’d love to hear your Gadget Show Live highlights and what you think about our presence. Send us a tweet to @practicalaction or leave a comment below.

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