Easy peasy?

So I thought I had an easy option for no tech day.

I was off in my caravan for the weekend with the kids. Which meant no tv, no PC, all I had to do was turn my phone off.

But as we trundled along the A45 (at 50mph – deliberately irritating Jeremy Clarkson if he was near by) my mind went through how this was hardly going to be a low tech day. First of all I need mechanical power and technology (a car!) to get the caravan to where we were going. On arrival the first thing I did was to switch on the gas so we could cook. Then I plugged into mains electric to power the water pump, microwave and halogen lights (caravanning isn’t what it was when I was a kid!)

Even away from electricity I was struck by the technologies I had on my side. The carbon fibre poles which hold up the awning are only one example. It’s amazing to think that people have spent thousands, if not millions of pounds developing technologies to make my caravanning (a “sport” which admittedly only appeals to a minority) a slightly better experience, and to make my awning more affordable. What would the world be like if similar resources were dedicated to the technology challenges faced by people in the developing world? Probably a lot better…..

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