Cooking on a pile of bricks

November 28th, 2016

Bimala lives in a small village in the Makwanpur District of Nepal. She lives with 10 members of her family and cooks their meals on a three stone stove which is little more than a pile of bricks.

“It takes me up to three hours to cook a meal and I do this three times a day.”

The family knows just how dangerous the smoke from the stove is to their health, Bimala has suffered from breathing problems and eye complaints her whole life. “Everything was black, it was so smoky and we couldn’t sit in the house.” To try and stop the home filling with tBimala Pariyarhe thick, black smoke, Bimala has moved the stove outside the home but during the rainy season it becomes even harder to cook for her family.

“Sometimes I have to cook with an umbrella, it’s difficult but I have to prepare the meal. Sometimes the food is half cooked.”

Bimala has two young granddaughters who are now beginning to help their grandmother to prepare meals but she worries about their future. “I am worried about my grandchildren but what can I do.”

An improved stove and smoke hood would completely change Bimala and her family’s lives. They would spend less time cooking and would be able to spend this time earning an income, looking after cattle and studying. It’s a simple solution that has the power to transform lives forever.

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2 responses to “Cooking on a pile of bricks”

  1. Noor Alam Khan Says:

    Interesting read indeed. Same nature things have developed and provided by Aga Khan Planning and Building Services in northern Pakistan. The modality was developing the cooking chambers and providing them to households on discounted price. What was your project model in helping communities to access these stove and smoke hood?
    Secondly, the time duration for cooking on bricks (3 hours) seems overstated i just believe. I am not questioning your research but just think it needs to be re-confirmed. I think i should not b more than 1-2 hours to just prepare meal for a family.

  2. Noor Alam Khan Says:

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