What to buy for Christmas? Need a present idea? Why not buy a goat!

A little while ago I wrote a blog mentioning Practical Action’s fantastic alternative gift scheme ‘Practical Presents’.  I wanted to let you know how this sort of gift can help those who need it most.

In the village of Kilgo, Sudan, two sisters were left orphaned when their mother died of malaria – goats have been their lifeline.  Caught up in civil conflicts their family lost everything they owned leaving them vulnerable.  They were selected by their community to receive four gorgeous goats as part of Practical Action’s livestock programme.  When their mother died the goats provided enough milk for the sisters to survive.  Two of their goats are now pregnant and with the additional milk the family can look forward to a more secure future.

So with Christmas coming, why not buy someone a special gift that’s a little bit different – why not purchase a gorgeous goat through our Practical Present scheme and at the same time give a gift to someone you don’t know. 

For more information please see our website www.practicalpresents.org.

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