Statistics and change

After twelve and a half years, two CEO’s, three units, four Managers, six rooms and nine desks, I am once again adding to my statistics and judging from those statistics, it could be perceived that I’m not adverse to change. That perception wouldn’t be very far from the truth as the thought of never changing fills me with absolute fear!

For the next six months, I have taken up a new role at Practical Action and have returned to being the ‘newbie,’ in the unit and on my best behavior,  not that that’s a problem (well maybe the behavior is) as I’m really looking forward to learning new skills and getting to grips with the opportunities that come along. And that’s the crux of it, I know with certainty that there will be opportunities and openings and what I do with them is up to me to make the most of.  However, as with any change in life, it does make me think and in all honesty, I can’t begin to imagine how families living in poverty and deplorable conditions stand the test of time without anything on the horizon to encourage them to look to the future and make plans. Perhaps those communities are more tenacious than I am or will ever be? Perhaps they have an inner core made of steel whereas mine is made of putty? I don’t know, but making plans is part and parcel of who I am, where I have come from and more importantly, where I am going in life. After all, doesn’t everyone make plans? Doesn’t everyone dream?

None of us know what the future holds but at least here in the western world we can all boost our chances of doing something worthwhile, something we enjoy, and build a home, make a living and if we are lucky, raise a family. It feels very unjust that there are people in the world who don’t have such an option, but even worse, will never have that option or such a chance.

So as I add to my statistics and make it twelve and a half years, two CEO’s, four units, five Managers, seven rooms and ten desks, I will do so knowing that although I am very fortunate, in my own little way, I am making a difference to those whose dreams seem a long way off and hopefully, one day they too can make plans for a brighter future.

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