Do you have a question about Practical Action?

As Information Officer at Practical Action I get asked a myriad of questions about our work.  I gather information from across the organisation to answer the enquiries we receive.  More technical enquiries are referred to our Practical Answers team.

One of the key resources I send out is the ‘Introduction leaflet’ which gives an overview of Practical Action and our work.  It has some great quotes from beneficiaries and case studies of our project work.  The leaflet is often the first contact an enquirer has with Practical Action and this can lead to requests for further information and ultimately to becoming a supporter.

To find out more about our work check out our intro leaflet or share with your friends.

If YOU have any questions about our work or require more information please do get in touch.  Over the years I’ve been asked just about anything to do with International Development and donations and enjoy the challenge of responding to some of the more difficult enquiries.  If I don’t have the answer readily available my challenge will be to find it for you.

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