Any ‘Independent on Sunday’ readers out there?

Here at Practical Action Head Office, my colleagues have been working hard with the Independent on Sunday.   We’re really pleased they have chosen us for their ‘Independent on Sunday 2010 Christmas Appeal’ and want to show their readers some of the valuable work that we do.

We are always excited to show people what we do and how well we do it and this is a wonderful opportunity to engage with some interested, like-minded people.  Those who read about us in the forthcoming articles will no doubt realise how important our work is and also find out ways they can help us do more.  If you are already a supporter of Practical Action, look out for these articles; ask me questions if you want further information. 

If you’re not yet one of our supporters, please do ask for more information we want you to talk to us.  Articles begin THIS Sunday, 5th December have a look and tell us what you think, more details to come…..

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