A Week in the Life

November 22nd, 2009

I interview a lot of people who want to work for us including some this week.  Those with a corporate background sometimes give a sense of ‘it must be easy’ working for a charity, people even talk of reducing stress or wanting to step back from the strain of business life. I just think they haven’t got a clue. Everyone here is committed to our cause and that motivation makes you work harder, it means that you can’t easily distance yourself from the work and budgets for work in the UK are always very, very tight – you do more with less resources. Believe me, I have worked in both corporate and charity sectors and this is harder but so much more worthwhile.

Back from Zimbabwe for a week and thrown immediately in to the realities of charity life – writing reports, articles, interviews, organising presentations, budgets, meetings and trying desperately hard, working with the fundraising team to see if/how we can raise the money we need to do all of the great work we’ve planned.

We are told that we need to ‘increase brand awareness’ if we are to recruit more people to support Practical Action. So now we are thinking about how we can do it with out spending any or very little money. Haven’t cracked it yet! Any ideas welcome. If you are currently in corporate sector marketing and you would like to help promote Practical Action get in touch – you won’t be paid but the rewards are still great.

Like everyone who supports Practical Action it’s that fantastic work on the ground that motivates. It is brilliant to know you are making a real difference and that makes everything you do worthwhile.

Must go -I’m writing this at home so a house to clean and dinner to cook. Then hopefully a walk with our dog. Charities and families both have realities. They are fun.


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