Water is life for villagers in Darfur

March 20th, 2018


A simple solution like a solar powered water pump can have a profound impact on a community. This is eloquently demonstrated in these first-hand accounts from residents of two villages in drought-prone North Darfur.

These stories were collected and written by Hamid Bakheet. 

“We were at the margin of survival. Most of the villagers have moved elsewhere to find water. It’s really hard to leave your homeland but the even harder to survive without water.

We used to travel for about three hours on our donkeys to seek water for our families. You can imagine what that means. Going for water every other day meant you could only work fifteen days a month reducing our income.  The amount of water we could transport was not great.  At best we had enough to shower three times a week but usually only once a week.

Now through this work with Practical Action everything has changed.  Our solar water pump has which has changed our life dramatically.  Now it is the easiest thing to get water, even the children can go alone to bring water for their families.”

Believe it or not when I saw water coming out from the pump for the first time I felt something like a cloud covering my eyes.  It was tears of happiness, although is shaming for a Darfurian man to show tears!”

Altayeb from Kweim village, north Darfur

Hawaa from Mugabil village also expresses her joy at the new facility

“In the past when there was no water in our village, pastoralists and farmers often came to blows. Now it’s very rare to hear that a conflict has happened. We women were usually exhausted because we had to go for about four kilometers to bring a small amount of water for all our needs, drinking, cooking, washing and showering.

When we had a guest and there was no water, we used to borrow water from our neighbours!  And it was not good for our donkeys to carry water all that distance. A donkey might be expected to live for twenty years but the lives of our donkeys were reduced to only about five years.

We also faced the risk of gender based violence on those long water gathering trips, but now with water become available here we are safe.  And the time we were spending in going for water we now use for other domestic, economic and personal activities. 

We even become more beautiful because we can wash and shower every day,” laughed Hawaa!

This project was designed by Practical Action and financed by the Swedish Postcode Foundation to provide water for both settled and pastoralist communities in the villages of Mugabil and Kweim in north Darfur. It benefits more than 8,000 individuals who live in the areas surrounding Mugabil and Kweim as well as 2,000 pastoralists.

The most obvious impacts of this project are an increase in water access and quality in the area. Now clean water for drinking and cooking is available for the whole community and for pastoralists and their livestock.  This will have a significant benefit to the health of the community.  The community water management committee is taking responsibility for managing the water supply to ensure its sustainability.  And the pump is operated by clean, renewable solar power so is helping keep both people and the environment safe.

Seeing how happy these villagers are about the positive change in their life with water makes me proud to work for the organisation that made this possible.



2 responses to “Water is life for villagers in Darfur”

  1. Rifaat Bashier M. Ali Says:

    Congratulation, its well built blog whereas a good reflection of what is happening on the ground is tasted and touched by the reader. Impact wise, I think it is not an increase of water access and quality, but would rather be the change that took place due to its usage for man and other creatures on earth, like animals, trees and even insects.

  2. Hala Says:

    i’m happy to see the smile on their faces , water is the vain of life , unforunately alot of villages in south darfur suffering from shortage of water too , we are living in the world of techenology nd they even donot have clean water for drinks and electricity to light their homes. i wish water supply to be avialable in every village in darfur to families to live their normal life

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