Two steps forward, one step back towards a climate agreement?

June 1st, 2010

I am in Bonn for the first substantive meeting for climate change negotiations since the debacle in Copenhagen. We are back in the gloomy and grandiose Maritim hotel where the conference takes place and yesterday felt very much like Groundhog day – so much of what was being said both by us NGOs and delegates was what we were saying all last year – but now, it is hard to say it with passion and conviction that change will come.

However, there are some positive signs: many good things were said about the Adaptation Fund – a new fund just getting ready to disburse money to developing countries, after a few years of getting formalities sorted out. This fund is different in a number of ways: it is funded through the carbon market – not a great source of money at present, but it means it is not dependent on overseas aid. Its Board has a majority of members from developing countries, and its meetings are open to registered Observers – and I am one of them, and will be attending their next meeing in a couple of weeks time. A review of the Fund’s work and future begins here tomorrow. There is a new chair of proceeding under one of the key negotiating tracks – Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe from Zimbabwe – and she has set a target of a new negotiating text during next week. So far, all countries except the US are keen to work towards this. (The US wants just to focus on the undemocratically produced Copenhagen Accord, instead.)

In our work on the theme of adaptation, we NGOs have prepared a one page document on the key points that need working on in the current text, and are aiming to talk to delegates this week. I met one from Nepal, who knows my colleague Gehendra, and we will meet the UK delegation tomorrow.

One more business engagement tonight – a side event on addressing gender issues in national planning for adaptation – and then off to a concert in the Beethoven House in Bonn. 10 hours in this stuffy building and I need a break!

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  1. Polly Pearshouse Says:

    Enjoy your break – it sounds well-deserved. Keep nipping at their heels till they agree.

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