Pumpkins Against Poverty in Schools

As many schools in the UK celebrate Harvest and World Food Day on the 16th October, we’re delighted to launch Pumpkins Against Poverty, a resource packed with cross-curricular ideas for primary aged children.

Based on Practical Action’s work in Disaster Risk Reduction and Agriculture in Bangladesh, the education materials enables students to learn about the life of Jui, a seven year old girl whose family and land have been affected by flooding.

Capture Jui






Content of the materials

The main activities that follow encourage children to understand how the science and skills of growing pumpkins on land that was considered infertile has transformed the lives of families like Jui’s. The activities include:

  • Exploring the lifecycle of a pumpkin and germinating seeds
  • Learning about the nutritional and health benefits of eating pumpkins
  • Designing and making of seeds packets

All of the materials including the PowerPoint, poster and activity sheets are freely available to download on Practical Action Schools website.

Pumpkins Against Poverty poster

Pumpkins Against Poverty poster

We hope you enjoy! Please let us know if you use the materials or would like a free A2 poster to support the challenge.

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  1. Anil Says:

    Very true…I ve seen in the west people keep bniyug and selling houses depending upon the size of the family…In India I guess its ingrained within us that bniyug a house is a life time investment..guess our fathers and forefathers have been that way and we follow suit :)…

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