Our 50th anniversary quilt

January 29th, 2016

Our collection of beautiful quilt squares for the 50th Anniversary quilt, is growing steadily with the latest one arriving today from Maddy Broome – thank you so much Maddy!quilt square

If I understand correctly from the bundle of letters that came with the square, Maddy not only went to her book group, neighbours and colleagues for button donations but also sent requests to friends all over the place. They sent back their buttons with a few lines about why they had chosen them and it was those letters that she has sent on to me. One I found particularly touching was from someone called Wanda who had donated a button of Joe’s who I presume was her partner/husband.

She wrote: “We miss him so, so it’s wonderful to think this tiny ‘symbol’ of him will live on.”

Last weekend I had a text from an old friend of mine who had held a party with neighbours to make a quilt square which I am very much looking forward to seeing!

She said, “We had a wonderful evening… I had 16 over and it was a lovely cross-section of the ladies of our village. They drank me dry and finally left at 1 am! We all agreed that we should get together more often. The buttoning was a wonderful catalyst, creative without being demanding. Our square is being finished by a neighbour who couldn’t come along. It’s quite eccentric – you’ll see what I mean!”

Marion sent through 3 squares, one with a special Three legs of Man button, following a Buttons & Biscuits event at her home in the Isle of Man.

The wonderful thing that is emerging from this quilt process is how making squares brings people together – perhaps, gives us an excuse to make contact, get together and share with friends the things that are special to us – including Practical Action! And that is essentially what Practical Action is doing all the time in its projects – bringing people with knowledge together with the people who need it and developing creative and simple solutions to the problems that they face.  And that is wonderful!

I had a lot of tea and cake with my neighbours at the start of the year and they were very intrigued as to why they were asked to ‘bring a button and a pound’. That square is almost finished and I have now got one started at school. This Sunday I will be talking at my local Methodist Church about it and from early February there will be a square in progress in a coffee shop in Shrewsbury along with an article in the local paper (fingers crossed) so anyone can come along and take part.

I hope you are still inspired to contribute. The deadline is 31st March so you still have lots of time to collect and send buttons or make quilt squares.   It’s very simple!

So please keep those squares coming and keep having fun telling people about Practical Action!

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