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October 3rd, 2016

The agrarian economy of Bangladesh contributes more than 18% of the country’s GDP through employing around 45% of the labour force. We can take the pride in its achievement towards ensuring food security though debates remain around food safety and nutritional aspect.hasin

There’s a common practice among our farmers of using excessive amount of fertilizers without understanding the nature of soil. As a result of the overuse of chemical fertilizers, the soil texture is deteriorating and at the same time farmers are spending more on agricultural inputs. Good yield depends on nutrient status and organic matter contents of soils to a great extent. To explain it in simpler language, organic contents in soil strata hold the water, nutrient within it and facilitate plants to absorb the same. Due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, the level of organic content in Bangladesh has reduced to less than 1.5% which the ideal content is support to be around 4-5%. The situation is approaching to an alarming stage.

farmers in bangladeshBangladesh is generating huge amount of solid waste everyday and major portion of solid waste is organic and could be easily converted into compost or organic fertiliser. Further, about 80,000 tons of human waste is generated every day in the country which is polluting the environment. Even if we could use a certain portion of this waste could be converted into compost/ organic fertiliser, it would be a huge gain for the country. The gain should not be seen only from monetary perspective, rather, use of this compost could save the environment, reduce the surface water pollution, improve the soil health and increase soil fertility. We are yet to think comprehensively and utilize the full potentials of available resources around us.

Government is providing extensive subsidy for chemical fertilisers creating a business enabling environment for it which in turn is adversely impacting promotion of organic fertilisers. Time has come to echo for promotion of balanced fertilizer and creating a conducive policy environment for promotion of organic fertilisers.

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  1. Dr. Shamim Khan Says:

    Dear Ms. Hasin,

    This is a great idea to use human sludge as a organic fertilizer for agricultural use. I attended this TEDxBUET and watched your very exciting presentation and speech on this topic.

    I’m a Director of PNL Holdings Ltd. a well reputed water management and agricultural company, mostly renowned for Pedrollo water pump. We have 2 tea gardens at Fatikchhari, Chittagong named Halda Vally and Ramgarh Tea Estate and I am in charge of them. So I’m pretty interested to know more about your project in detail. From your speech, I came to know that, now you are working in Faridpur as a PPP model.

    So I’d request you to share any scientific paper (if you have) on this project. More specifically I’d like to know composition of this fertilizer, it’s use in different crops and outcome, business model, success and challenges you faced so far.

    Will be looking forward for your kind reply and cooperation.

    Best regards,


  2. Shahed Says:


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