Join a movement for Technology Justice!

January 21st, 2016

Today Practical Action released Technology Justice: A Call to Action. Technology Justice Call to Action

In it we introduce the idea of Technology Justice – how so many existing technologies are not available to people who need them;  how many technologies we use today are destroying the planet; and how technology innovation is not focussed on addressing real needs.

This call to action is designed to reach out to and engage with like-minded individuals and organisations and inspire them to collaborate with Practical Action to take action towards Technology Justice. We want to engage with anyone who might help us to build the case for change, and raise our voices to challenge technology injustice.

Come and join the conversation!

3 responses to “Join a movement for Technology Justice!”

  1. Graham Knight Says:

    Dear Paul,

    I have long been providing information and samples so the rural poor can be helped to overcome their energy and other problems but most NGOs are just not interested! It is so much easier to provide help to the ‘not so poor’/remote.

    For example it is quite simple to assemble a pv solar device to power one or two LEDs and a radio for a few dollars but as it does not look smart there is little interest.
    It would also be possible for rural people to have a low cost biogas digesters but no NGO is interested in doing the development.
    If you are poor there is no justice!

  2. Richard Kizito Says:

    My long time friend in development, happy new year .
    You must be on a move with technology, the few communication we have ever had have made big impact to me and the community i work with.
    I wish to join this network again with you hoping to move more miles.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. tony Says:

    Dear Graham

    how are you doing,, I’m kindly asking you to help us with information and samples to help the rural poor,, thank god we found you,, we are in Zimbabwe,,, we are looking for volunteers in to help the rural poor,, kindly contact me 00263776964968 what’s up,, or hope to hear from you

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