Its Back to the Future Day!

October 21st, 2015

I loved it as a teenager! And am so excited to have now reached ‘the Future’.

I enjoyed Marty’s story and the idea that he could bring future technology into the here and now. So exciting!  The power to transform the world.

Back to the futureSo, if you could send Marty McFly back to the future what would you change?

I’m tempted by great, affordable renewables – solar lights, clean cook stoves….

I’m also tempted by hover boards that could fly across the roughest terrain – maybe racing medicine to a baby in desperate need.

Clean water filters to stop children and their parents dying from the diseases caused by dirty water.

Exciting new technologies that will help end poverty and protect our planet!

But then having had fun imagining the changes Marty could bring I realised that it’s not the great ‘wow’ innovations that we need. All the technology required to get clean water to people, decent medicines and to fight the impacts of indoor air pollution exist. We even know how to protect our planet from dangerous climate change.

Maybe the change we need is different.

One of the great things about science fiction films is that they help shape out vision of the future . If you’ve experienced it in someone’s imagination the reality is so much easier to create – a small example being Star Trek ‘communicators’ and clam shell mobile phones. I had one did you?

So imagine if next time Marty went ‘Back to the Future’ he found a world where everyone had access to the technologies they need to lead a good life – in a way that protects our planet. He found a world where people shared.

Can you imagine the power of such a story? It could be inspirational.


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