Eva’s inspirational work in Kitale

March 17th, 2016

Eva Nyamogo lives in Kitale in Kenya. She is a Community Mobiliser who works with her local community to improve their access to water and sanitation.

Eva in KitaleThree years ago, Eva received training from Practical Action on good hygiene practices, solid waste management and administration and management skills. This training has changed her life as she has the power and skills to work with her community to change their lives forever.

For the past three years, Eva has worked tirelessly to improve the conditions for her community. Before, they had no access to safe and clean drinking water. She said that people would have to walk 4 miles, every day; just to collect water from the stream, which was unclean and unsafe. People were often unwell and she explained that “they thought it was normal to be sick.”

The community now have access to a water kiosk, which provides clean water- for a small fee – every single day. Not only this, the time they spent collecting the water put immense strain on the women who would have to carry it back. The hours it took to collect water could have been spent getting an education or starting a business.

“I want women’s work to be easier. I want them to get a better education by reducing the time they take to collect water.”

Women, men and children would also be forced to defecate outside because there were no toilets, but Eva has managed to change this. Not only do the community now have access to clean water, they also have a toilet block, complete with showers. Eva has been instrumental in establishing the facility, which has grown to provide a laundry washing service to the local mechanics and it even has reliable energy.

Access to water and sanitation has completely changed life for people in Eva’s community, their health has dramatically improved because they are no longer drinking unclean water, they have a better understanding of good hygiene and they no longer have to defecate outside, which has brought dignity to the community members.

Thanks to your support, Practical Action has been able to work with Eva to empower her and help her to transform lives. She added “When you change people’s lives, you feel happy and because of Practical Action, we now talk to the county government.”


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  1. Mathew Okello Says:

    Thanks Elizabeth for highlighting the commendable efforts of Eva Nyamogo and other community members in Kitale. The project that supported community members to have a voice and improve their access to potable water and sanitation was known as Peoples’ Plans into Practice or simply as PPP. It was funded by Comic Relief and implemented by a consortium of three partners: Practical Action; Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programme (KUAP) and Shelter Forum in Kisumu and Kitale from October 2008 to December 2013.

  2. Kibaale Rural Development Foundation Says:

    We as Kibaale Rural development Foundation, found in Africa Uganda, Kibaale district we thank you for the Nice work you do to make poor community to come out of Poverty. For that matter since also we do the same to see that Poor people come out from poverty , i therefore request you to partner with us in support for community development. In Kibaale District.

    Best Kind

    Rubaire Januarious.

  3. Laxminarayan Padhi Says:

    Eva’s passion for community development by educating herself on various social issues particularly relating to health and hygiene is not only commendable but inspirational to others. She has inbuilt the system of “collective action” in the community to make it sustainable. Her action brought happiness among the people by way of improving their life skill traits and thus saved their valuable time for productive activities that may provide opportunity for additional livelihood. Let others join hands with Eva for spreading the message of community development, actors of change, collective action.

    Development Professional
    Government of Odisha, India.

  4. AWOKE Says:


  5. Elizabeth Dunn Says:

    Thank you for your response, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog!

  6. Elizabeth Dunn Says:

    Thank you for your comment! Eva was truly an inspiration and bringing change to her whole community!

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