Why is energy important for the Global Goals?

October 16th, 2015

That’s one of the questions we want children in the UK to be thinking about and discussing in schools.   Our new teaching resource ‘Energy and the Global Goals’ enables them to do just that; helping them develop an understanding of why energy access is so important in global poverty reduction, something we at Practical Action passionately believe in!energy and the global goals teaching resource

Comprising of two very hands on, engaging activities suitable for 7-14 year old children our resource is just one of a package of resources entitled ‘ World’s largest lesson’ which helps children understand what the global goals are all about and why they are key to ending world poverty.   The package includes assembly material and videos as well as lessons linked to every Global Goal.

So why not have a look and see how through your teaching you can get children more engaged in and excited about  this UN initiative.

Here’s a great video on the global goals below, and you can find lots more on the website.

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