A life of idleness?

I’d warned the family that Saturday was going to be No Tech Day, so after my husband had made me a cup of tea (I didn’t want to put the kettle on!) he & my son took themselves off to the allotment to put up the greenhouse – leaving me by myself.

Alfie's christeningNormally I’d have had the radio on all day – but the house was strangely silent.  I’d thought about stripping the old wallpaper off in the bedroom – but without the steamer I decided to put this off until another day.  Instead I started reading, and then my son and his wife came along with my new grandson – Alfie.  We all decided that we’d go up to town and luckily they invited me to lunch (another escape from any technology!)

I took a leisurely stroll back through the nearby park – chatting to several neighbours who were out enjoying some welcome sunshine.  Back home I picked up my book again and spent most of the day engrossed in that. 

In the evening husband, son & myself chatted about technology (after all the telly wasn’t on) and how difficult life would be without it.  I’d had a pleasant enough day. For me it had been easy – either getting others to help out or to postpone activities – but if I had to live without the basics of electricity or water I realised how difficult everything would be.  I started to think about what life will be like for Alfie in another 20 years and how much technology will have moved on – how would he cope if he was asked to do No Tech Day then?

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