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Stephen was Practical Action's head of public fundraising.

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  • Preparing for rain at the Ryder Cup and in Nepal

    October 15th, 2010

    Two weeks ago I didn’t want to see another drop of water. £100 for a ticket to the Ryder Cup and the majority of the day was rained off. I’ve never been so wet and the golf was abandoned due to a waterlogged course. For the golf we saw I reckon it cost us about £2 a shot.

    Made me think though. As I watched teams of green keepers sweep gallons of water off the sodden course and I tried (in vain) to find shelter, I remembered my visit to Nepal from earlier this year where I met communities who had to face water and flooding on a much larger scale, washing everything away and putting lives in danger.

    In Nepal, Practical Action is working with communities to develop Early Warning Systems – training people so that they can respond quickly to the threat of flooding. This video tells the story really well …

    We were prepared at the Ryder Cup, weather forecasts (and the fact that we were in Wales in October) meant that umbrellas and waterproofs were order of the day. My experience in Nepal showed me how important preparation is for poor communities to ensure that they are resilient in the face of disaster.

    In Nepal, it costs £19 to equip and train a family to be prepared for flooding in Nepal – about 10 golf shots on that rainy day in Wales …

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  • River crossing

    Kathmandu 44600, Nepal, Kathmandu
    April 6th, 2010

    I’d read about tuins before I went to Nepal – they sounded like a brilliant idea, so I jumped at the chance of having a go on one.

    In the dramatic surroundings I immediately saw the benefits they can bring, helping communities cross potential dangerous mountain rivers. I wasn’t prepared for the blisters though … unlike the tuin, my “office worker” hands weren’t quite up to the job!

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  • It’s all about access

    Gorkha, Nepal, Gorkha
    March 30th, 2010

    I’ve just returned from a visit to Practical Action’s work in Nepal. I had great plans to tweet and blog my way across the country, but I never managed to get consistent access to the internet.

    Access is a big theme in Nepal. But for the people of Nepal, it’s access to markets, information, energy and basic services which is the issue, and also the theme for much of our work.

    Read on over the next few days for more on this theme … for starters, here’s a video on how we’re helping people access markets.

    Read more about gravity ropeways in Nepal …

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