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Sandra is Communications Officer for Practical Action.

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  • A life of idleness?

    Rugby, Warwickshire, UK, Benn Ward
    March 30th, 2010

    I’d warned the family that Saturday was going to be No Tech Day, so after my husband had made me a cup of tea (I didn’t want to put the kettle on!) he & my son took themselves off to the allotment to put up the greenhouse – leaving me by myself.

    Alfie's christeningNormally I’d have had the radio on all day – but the house was strangely silent.  I’d thought about stripping the old wallpaper off in the bedroom – but without the steamer I decided to put this off until another day.  Instead I started reading, and then my son and his wife came along with my new grandson – Alfie.  We all decided that we’d go up to town and luckily they invited me to lunch (another escape from any technology!)

    I took a leisurely stroll back through the nearby park – chatting to several neighbours who were out enjoying some welcome sunshine.  Back home I picked up my book again and spent most of the day engrossed in that. 

    In the evening husband, son & myself chatted about technology (after all the telly wasn’t on) and how difficult life would be without it.  I’d had a pleasant enough day. For me it had been easy – either getting others to help out or to postpone activities – but if I had to live without the basics of electricity or water I realised how difficult everything would be.  I started to think about what life will be like for Alfie in another 20 years and how much technology will have moved on – how would he cope if he was asked to do No Tech Day then?

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  • No Tech Day

    Main St, Bourton and Draycote, Warwickshire CV23 9, UK, Bourton and Draycote
    March 20th, 2010

    No Tech Day is a challenge for gadget addicts to go without their favourite tech toys for a day this Saturday, March 27th 2010, to raise awareness of how much we all rely on and use gadgets in our everyday life, and think what life is like for people in the developing world who do not have the same access to technology and energy.

    No Tech Day - could you go cold turkey?By pledging to go without technology for a day you’ll get a taste of what life might be like without it, and get an insight into why the work that Practical Action does is so important. And, if the experiences by our ‘featured tech addicts,’ including writer and broadcaster Adam Hart-Davis, BBC Click website reviewer Kate Russell and top gadget magazine Stuff news editor Tom Wiggins are anything to go by, you might even enjoy it!

    Sign up to take part, nominate the tech addict in your life, or simply lend your support by sharing No Tech Day with your friends. If you’ve got a blog or website we’ve also got some great adverts you might like to put up too.

    Check back over the coming week to browse the stories of those taking part and vote, and if you’d like to let us know how you found your No Tech Day you can drop us an email, or find us on Twitter. We’ll be posting the best stories here.

    And of course, thanks to one of our supporters we’ve got the most talked-about gadget of 2010 to give away to the tech addict with the most votes by the end of the challenge. Someone has to win it, so if raising awareness for a great charity and a great cause isn’t enough, perhaps the chance of winning an iPad will be!

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  • Why Design Now?

    February 4th, 2010

    We’re delighted to hear Mohamed Majzoub, Practical Action’s Country Director from Sudan, is taking part in Design Triennial, Why Design Now?  with the improved clay stove.

    This stove has made a huge impact of the lives of women who daily have to cope with the time-consuming and often dangerous task of collecting firewood. Now, through a combination of using these stoves and fuel saving tips fuel use has been cut in half and the number of violent incidence against women has been significantly reduced.

    It’s amazing to realise that a simple technology can change women’s lives so much. We’re hoping that the visitors to Why Design Now? will be equally impressed.

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